normal studio

Tolix, 2006-2013
Sammode, 2015-2024
Sedap, 2022-2024

Since 2008, Normal Studio has been there to support companies as they grow. Its support consists of working with them to develop a strategic vision based on what shapes their identity: their history, know-how, manufacturing processes, production policy, even their favourite materials.

We start out by seeking the right tool rather than deciding to create a specific object. You can value know-how and break with tradition.

Our goal is to revisit the shapes that were produced in the past and transpose them using our contemporary vocabulary. Existing tools do not limit us, they are assets: crucibles where the objects of the future are created, and new developments made possible.

The company’s know-how shapes its image, and its image reflects its values. Working with what we already have allows us to think not only in terms of industry but also of economics, to steer the company towards a sustainable future. We express our vision of a brand on a global scale, through the company’s visual identity and its communication tools.