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Atelier Sedap has specialised in plaster moulding since it was founded in 1968. The company began by making fibrous plaster embellishments (fibre-reinforced plaster). Later, it expanded into architectural lighting. In the 80s and 90s, Atelier Sedap worked with several designers to create an extensive collection of light fittings.

Atelier Sedap asked us to reinterpret its favourite material to give it a more contemporary style, while integrating an eco-responsible approach. Our goal was to bring new character to the all-natural material. We wanted to use plaster for its natural qualities. Instead of hiding it under a coat of paint, we aimed to emphasise its natural look and feel.

First, we researched. Then, we suggested embedding the plaster with minerals (crushed stones, glass and mussel shells) and pigments (natural, biobased or recycled). The outcome was a sampler with ten new nuances and textures. Secondly, a new collection was created based on two principles: reinterpreting current pieces and creating new products.

Recherches de couleurs et d’inclusions - Normal Studio

Echantillons nuances et matières - graphisme studio Claire Huss

Echantillons couleurs et matières - graphisme studio Claire Huss

We designed five lights that reveal the finesse of the material and their surfaces, shaped in corrugated cardboard moulds or sheets of paper folded in a concertina pattern to create subtle textured effects. We also asked designer Ferréol Babin to design a collection of wall panels, and published a new product catalogue that includes models by Didier Cornille.

Atelier Sedap, La Planche (Loire-Atlantique)

Catalogue institutionnel - graphisme studio Claire Huss

Lamps - Atelier Sedap
Lamps - Atelier Sedap, 2023
Gouge Cofee table - Atelier Sedap
Gouge Cofee table - Atelier Sedap, 2023