normal studio Perforated marble table, 2015 info close


The table was crafted to explore lightness. It features a carefully forged tabletop with 4,938 holes. It is machined from the underside to remove as much material as possible and make it noticeably lightweight. The outcome is a light, easy-to-move table. Its maximum size depends on the largest piece of white Carrara marble stored in the workshop. To complement the stonemason’s exceptional manual skills, a robotic arm was used to achieve the technical feat and create the elaborate shapes. In this case, the digital tool replaced the artist’s hand, but – despite being precise and close to the marble – it could never replace the artisan’s expertise and finishing touches. The tabletop rests on a pair of trestles made from offcuts of the same marble, plated onto a metal structure.

A one-off piece. Centre Pompidou collection.